the terey summers podcast

Ep74: Meet Camryn Summers. A Series of Thankfulness; Family & Friends, Creative & Courageous

November 15, 2021

The Day after tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving 2021. In great part that was the prompt for this series we are in, titled, A Series Of Thankfulness; Family & Friends, Creative & Courageous. In a nutshell, some of the big things I have been lending my braincells to think on are my friendships, my family, the creative, and the courageous. There is one person prominent in my mind and on my heart that embodies all four of these. It's my niece Camryn. A beauty through and through, if there ever was a time to give her a platform, its this month, this year, and this Tuesday with Terey. Or Bobo as she would say. 


She is a special one, oh so very very special to me. My friend, My family, creative and courageous. Thats Camryn. My Camy-Apple. 

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