the terey summers podcast

Ep78: Has Your Christmas Red & Green Turned Blue?

December 13, 2021

We all probably get this song stuck in our heads during the Christmas season, "It's the most wonderful time the year!" With kids jingle belling and everyone telling to "be of good cheer", the halls may be the least of things that get decked. The truth may just be, we are feeling anything but cheerful. This season is a season of peace and joy and hope, but there is so much that comes with this season that contributes to the greater divide within, that this most wonderful time of year can truly be blue for so many. I'll have a blue Christmas may be more like it.

I sat down with someone who understands that reality, and honors the space and place for those that need it held by someone. You don't have to feel you're alone in this one. It's real and true. True blue.


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